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Celebrities like Kaia Gerber, Bella Hadid, and Kendall Jenner gravitate towards the jewelry of Bagatiba. Founder Jessie Andrews sat down with HypeBae to talk of how Bagatiba got started and more.

When asked about the origin of her brand Bagatiba, Andrews said, "I started Bagatiba eight years ago to bridge the gap between high and low in the jewelry industry. I wanted to offer high quality affordable jewelry to my demographic. Now, it’s become a mission for offering high quality sustainable jewelry."


She was then asked about her experience in jewelry and accessory making prior to forming her brand, as well as to describe her pieces. "I had no experience in designing or making jewelry before starting Bagatiba," she said. "I never really wore any, but then it became a challenge for me. I was and still am learning everyday. I think the majority of pieces on the site are classics. Sometimes I design on trend but I tend to go for a more elevated and timeless look."

When asked about her creative process and where her inspiration comes from, Andrews said, "Everywhere from art and architecture, to my environment and vintage books. It’s not always the same. Sometimes I’ll visit a country and find a material or texture I like, or I’ll be scrolling through an old book and see a pendant I like the shape of then make it my own. I’ll design, sample and produce in about two months time. Then package, photograph and launch with a story of how it came about or why I designed it. Sometimes I simply want a classic hoop earring, but made sustainably."


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Andrews talked of her excitement for the upcoming year, saying, "I’m excited about the new collections we have coming, pushing myself to open a physical space, continue to story tell with honesty, keep spreading awareness about sustainability – and most importantly being happy and healthy."

When asked where she sees her jewelry brand in five years, Andrews said, "I see Bagatiba as a leader for sustainability in the jewelry industry, speaking to a younger demographic and informing them that fashion made sustainably is worth more. I want people to love Bagatiba, spread the word and appreciate the work I put into each piece. I see it being sold in the places that care about designers and storytelling, I see my own space for it."

Information originally sourced from HypeBae.