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For our great readers on we want to let everyone know we have tried to reach out to Kristina multiple times to no avail. We have attempted to reach out to her and her companies Instagram accounts, but have yet to receive a reply. 

This is a blog article featuring her great designs and at the moment we do not carry her products. If anyone can reach out to her for direct contact to our company you can refer her over to our email SALES@FORTROVE.COM

In the meantime, take the time to browse our great collection of high end designer jewelry on our website We will be happy to give you the best, most exceptional prices on any of our collection pieces.

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The worlds of acting and jewelry collided as beautiful Kristina Concepcion, better known as KC (itskcconcepcion on Instagram) debuted a stunning twenty-six piece collection of fine, handmade jewelry on March 20, 2018.  The line, Avec Moi by Kristina, sold out immediately, and is only a hint of what is to come.


The designer has said that today's youth want to make investments into pieces that stand the test of time and hold up generation to generation. This collection serves to start that collection for them. All of the one of a kind pieces were snapped up in an evening, no doubt solidifying how much the public agrees with her.

The star and social media princess celebrated the success with a lavish, flower bedecked affair at The Manila Room, paired so closely with the collection itself. The pieces featured  one of a kind roses in various iterations, from rings to earrings, priced between $1,000-$2,000 each.

Kristina has said that her family exposed her to the precious and wonderful nature of fine jewelry, encouraging her to never leave home without a pair of earrings.

If you are interested in finding similar rings has a fine collection of high end designer jewelry available for sale here.

Thanks to their influence, we are now able to lay our eyes on the chic, subtle and unique designs. Maybe soon, we'll be able to get our hands on it, too!

32 THOUGHTS ON “Avec Moi by Kristina: A Blooming Success”

by Sofia

In her Instagram states that "

Avec Moi by Kristina
Made-to-order, 14k & 18k solid gold deliciousness, made by hand for your loves or for you.🌹 Prices on request.

by Cristy Dolor

Interested. Please let me know where can I buy avec moi jewelry? Thanks

by Dungog

J’adore beaucoup la bague personnalisée. Vous pouvez m’envoyer le brochure avec le prix par mon e-mail s’il vous plaît… Merci d’avance pour votre réponse.

by Kathy Rebadona

Where can I buy avec moi jewelry?

by Huney Otterholm

I’ve been dreaming of La Luna bar necklace in Rubies, in 14K gold:) would you email me its price, so I can start putting cash away? thank you.

by Tina Toland

Please send the link of avecmoijewelry so I will able to order. Thank you so much.

by Melanie Bengco

I have been looking for months for ways to purchase the avec mois collection but I cannot find the website or contact info.

by Kish heres the link to her

by Babes limbo

Where can i check and buy these jewelries?

by Marilou Amor

Where can i buy avec moi jewelry by kristina? Please send us the website or location. Thank you so much

by Arlene s camacho

I would like to order the April bloom rose in 14 K

by Zan

Hello! I want to know how and where can I purchase. Please send the prices as well. I’m loving KC’s designs and would like to buy a pair of earrings for my mom.

by Emelia Castro

Pls send me a link as to where I can see your catalog and possibly purchasing..Thanks!

by Geraline

I would to purchase from Avec moi jewelry by Kristina can you show me more of her designs including the prices . Thank you

by Emerlita Daya

Where is the website?

by Teresita Bueno

Hi I would like to ask how much is the pair of earring for my mother birthday . I will really appreciate for a reply soon . I think its the april bloom …
Thank you

by Melissa Mills

Hi, i just want to make an inquiry if you could give me a details about the stud earring that KC posted today on her IG. Im interested. Thank you.

by Jeannell

Are those jewelries available in canada? Where about?

by Rose Chiong

How can I pr chase the earing

by Susan Dabbah

Would you pls provide me the pricing for the April Blooms gold stud earrings in 14K gold?

by Priscilla Camba

Hi.I love the April Blooms stud earrings.May I know the price please.

by Leilani Ferrer

I would love to start a collection of your neautiful pieces. How do I purchase?

by Girose Williams

Hello and happy holidays!

Ive been trying to find a link or site where i can check out KC’s jewelry line. Can someone pls help me out and tell me where I can buy it? I am currently living in LA CA and would really love to know what is the website so i can check it out online! Super excited!!!! Thanks so much!

by Mylin Burke

How and where can I check all her jewelry designs by KC ?

by Marie Cristy victorio

I really want one this christmas.! Where can I buy here in Vancouver British Columbia.

by Virma biantan

Pls send me the designs I want to buy, where to buy pls


hi i am interested to buy ave moi jewelry by kristina but i want to see the brochure including the prices also. Pls. send the brochure thru my email add. Thank you so much.

by Lilia Basco

Please let me know where can I buy avec moi jewelry?

by R. Bella

I am very much interested to purchase jewelries from Avec Moi collection. I was wondering where I can browse the items that you are selling and how I can buy them.

by Amy Ubana

I love the designs, please email me some designs to choose from and the prices as well.

thank you.

by Cris

Where can i buy avec moi jewelry by kc concepcion?m from canada

by nella aban

Please email when I can purchase her jewelry.