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In an interview with Elite Daily, actress Bailey Bass discusses the long wait for the sequel to James Cameron’s Avatar. Avatar: The Way of Water began production when Bass was 12-years-old. Now 19 and with a part in Interview With A Vampire, the role that introduced her, the actress was keen to share info regarding her jewelry line and the upcoming blockbuster. 

When asked how she got the part back then, Bass said, “I got the audition when I was 12. They were looking for kids 13 and up, so it was like, “I’m going to turn 13 this year, so let me audition,” and it just happened. I didn’t understand how big of a movie it was at that age. James Cameron casts — at least I noticed with the young cast — similar to our characters. Tsireya has a lot of me in the character breakdown, and I felt very drawn to her, and it was a great pleasure to play her.” 

The film’s initial release was for 2020. When asked if there was a note of frustration she experienced when it was pushed back, Bass said, “It was definitely hard, but I’m grateful for what happened because everything happens for a reason. Now at 19, I have an even stronger head on my shoulders and will be able to digest what will happen more than if it occurred in 2020. We don’t talk enough about the transition from teenager to adult, and that’s what I’m going through right now. With that, I’m learning ways to navigate adulthood, and I can use that in what I’m about to experience with the film coming out.” 

When asked what it’s been like to play Claudia in Interview With The Vampire, Bass said, “I’m always looking for a challenge. I never want to be bored, and Claudia gave me that challenge. I became a stronger actor by playing Claudia because no matter how much experience I had, that could never prepare me for all the trauma Bailey had to go through as Claudia.” 


When asked about the inception of her jewelry company, which was inspired by the show, Bass said, “I created a fang ring for my co-stars Sam Reid and Jacob Anderson as a wrap gift because I love rings — and what would be the best present to give them that would also be nostalgic? They wore the rings when doing press for the show, and fans on Facebook started talking about them, so I decided to modify them for the fans. I’m looking forward to designing and releasing jewelry very, very soon. Bai Bai Jewelry will have all the things that I’ve ever wanted but can never find.” 

Information originally sourced from Elite Daily.