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In an interview with Fashionista, Amy Odell discusses her new biography based on demystifying the life of fashion icon, editor-in-chief at Vogue and chief content officer at Condé Nast, Anna Wintour.


When asked if there were any behind-the-scenes events that demystify the fashion icon in some way, Odell said, "I had help from editors with that, to be honest. I had amazing editors at Gallery throughout the process. I didn't put anything in the book that I couldn't verify. There's nothing in the book that I feel remotely unsure of, which is what a journalist should do. I was fascinated to learn about the level of control that she exerts on the Met Gala, but it wasn't always in the ways that I expected. For instance, we hear about how she approves every single person's outfit. That isn't really true: Not all of the celebrities get an Anna Wintour check mark on their outfit before they step onto that red carpet — about 80% of them do, but she also has people like Virginia Smith on her team who can help advise celebrities or help the staff figure out what they're going to wear.


"The celebrities walk the red carpet, then they go inside and see the exhibit and have dinner. Anna puts a lot of thought into where every single person is sitting at the dinner. She just wants everything to run a certain way; the word that Stephanie Winston Wolkoff used was "militant." At the Camp gala, where Kim Kardashian wore the Thierry Mugler latex dress, she wasn't sitting, and Anna was like, 'Why isn't she sitting? Can you tell her to sit down?' One of her staff members had to tell her, 'Well, actually, she just can't sit down that dress.'"


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When asked how this book came about, Odell said, "I got the first call about writing this book from my agent in the summer of 2018. My publisher had had the idea to do a biography about Anna Wintour; I immediately got chills at the idea, and I think that's because Anna is someone who's in an unprecedented position of power. Her influence and power in the business world is really unmatched. Her longevity is tremendous. If you think about business leaders — Jeff Bezos, for instance, from the time he founded Amazon to the time he left as CEO, that was 27 years. Anna has been the editor-in-chief of Vogue for 34 years. Despite all of that, despite being this public person for so long, she's still an enigma. And she's still an enigma even to people who have known her and worked closely with her for a long time. I felt like there was a real opportunity with this book to pull back the curtain on this woman who had been so public, but also so fascinating and so mysterious."

Information sourced originally from Fashionista.