Australian Musician Vera Blue has recently been showing off some pieces she owns from Gucci's Beloved collection. In an interview with Elle, she discusses the impact that fashion has had on her life, career, and more.

"As Vera Blue I see my style as a hybrid of feminine and edgy! I love wearing gorgeous flowing/sparkly/florally glamorous outfits with a glimpse of grunge and either a sneaker or boot, along with edgy accessories and makeup. I love experimenting with different styles but I always feel really good in color," said Blue when asked to describe her own aesthetic.
When asked about her general excitement over fashion, the Australian musician said, "I love getting dressed up, either for events, festivals, writing sessions, even when hanging out with my friends. I love being able to express myself through style and color in amazing designers or even just rare opp shop finds."
"I always need lip conditioner, some touch up powder, obviously hand sanitizer and my mini bottle of Gucci Mémoire d'une Odeur. Plus, I leave space for my phone and wallet and a couple of my coat throat tea bags for those emergency vocal warm up ritual moments," said Blue about what's currently in her handbag.
"I work with my close friend and stylist Jana Bartolo and we have so, so much fun playing dress ups and coming up with exciting looks for my shows," said Blue regarding how fashion plays a role in her act. "We always look for pieces with movement or reflection. Usually glitter, sheer or floaty outfits paired with a cool sneaker or boot is my go to for performance wear – that way I can twirl and spin and rock out, and feel fabulous all at the same time!"
When asked how she gets through a creative slump, Vera Blue said, "I think the biggest thing I've learnt is to try not to fall into a slump. Someone once told me that there is no such thing as 'failure' in creativity, which made me see things in a different light. If something doesn't feel like it's working, it doesn't mean you've failed at all, it just means you can move onto another idea and find another spark of inspiration, or even just take a walk and refresh the mind. I make music with my close friends so we always love to keep things lighthearted."
Information originally sourced from Elle.
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