In an interview with Fashion Journal, stylist Stuart Walford discusses Melbourne Fashion Week and more. 

When asked about what makes Melbourne Fashion Week so special, Walford said, “Melbourne Fashion Week continues to evolve each year and has become, at least in my opinion, a festival that celebrates the Melbourne community just as much as it celebrates fashion. Aside from the major runways, the schedule also promotes a lot of free pop-ups, installations, talks and other events that cover a broad span of topics all related to the local fashion industry. 

“M/FW is also the first fashion event I volunteered at when I turned 18. I remember my mum dropping me off for the volunteer interview, which was held on Collins Street at the time. I was so excited to venture into Melbourne and see the big city, it really was electrifying to me as I was an impressionable and eager teen at this time. Now when I style these shows, I still remember all the early experiences. It’s become a very circular moment for me when I work on these events now.” 

When asked to describe any events during Fashion Week that he’s particularly excited for, Walford said, “The Student Runway is a personal favourite because you just never know what’s about to turn the corner. It’s such an exciting show because you can really see the next wave of young designers before they’re pushed out into the industry. Another student-focused event is the Collarts Capsule (Fashion Capsule four) at the Victoria State Library forecourt, which promotes collaboration and circularity in design. 

“I’m really excited to see what Joseph Romano does with his Fashion x Art project this season, which is also at the State Library. I think this is one of the most exciting new events in the M/FW program and I’m sure it’s going to be unmissable. 

“The Kuwaii x Imakestagram event is another exciting project that has a large focus on waste and sustainability," Walford continued. "I’m excited to see what Rachel can create from the Kuwaii offcuts and remnants. 

“Vault Block Arcade is a newly opened store operated by the National Trust of Victoria that sells pre-loved vintage garments and accessories. They have teamed up with nine Melbourne-based designers to upcycle a garment of their choosing from the stores’ collection as they put on a lunchtime runway as part of their own runway show series!” 

Information originally sourced from Fashion Journal.

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