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Aurate CEO Sophie Kahn's fine jewelry brand is making waves with its DTC approach among other things. She appeared on the Glossy podcast to talk about where her career in jewelry has led her and Aurate's eventual global expansion.

Kahn described Aurate's place in the jewelry and fashion world, as well as commented on the industry itself. She had this to say during her time on the podcast: “It’s a very fragmented industry. You obviously have the big brands everybody knows on Fifth Avenue, and then you have a lot of Etsy-type brands that are out there. But there was nothing really in the middle. Then there’s the brand, the voice. How do people talk to you? And I guess there was nobody that was really talking to us. When you think about the old-school jewelry advertising, it’s men buying for women, going on a knee, it’s not empowering at all. Why is this? Jewelry is a women’s brand. This is what women wear — men wear it too, but 80% of the time it’s women. Why isn’t it talking to women? It was [all about] the product piece and the branding piece, and putting those two together to create Aurate. Because we’re DTC, we own the communication channel with our women. Something I noticed with Marc Jacobs is they’re very wholesale driven, or they were. There are a lot of advantages to wholesale — you basically don’t pay for your marketing — but the disadvantage is you don’t have that communication with your woman. And if you’re DTC, you own all of that.”

When discussing the primary source of revenue for Aurate, Kahn explained that, “Twenty percent of our revenue comes from word of mouth — so that speaks to the quality of the product and a bit of the customer service, as well. Twenty percent is SEO. We’ve invested a lot in content. So if you Google ‘gold necklaces,’ depending on where you are, we’re on the first page. That took a lot of investment and time and content with bloggers, really talking about all the stuff we’re doing, the necklaces, the quality. Another 20% is our own emails and text messages — channels that, again, we built from a lot of hard work and having customers be part of the Aurate world. That means more than half our revenue is generated from brand initiatives, organic initiatives.”

Information originally sourced from Glossy.