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In an interview with E!Online, world-renowned athlete Simone Biles talks of her latest clothing collection, a collaborative effort with the Athleta Girl brand. The Athleta Girl x Simone Biles collection features reversible garments, sun protective fabric, and a jacket that can switch into a crossbody bag. 

When asked to describe the primary message of her clothing collection, Biles said, "I do believe if you're wearing clothes that you feel confident in that you will feel more comfortable. I want girls to use their voice because courage is a superpower. That's something I've told myself and that my parents taught me growing up. If I can pass that down to kids, I hope it will help tap into their inner confidence. At the end of the day, I just wanted to lift girls spirits and help them feel inspired. They can chase their dreams and really achieve anything they put their mind to. So that's why we also incorporated those messages."


"That is one of my favorite parts of doing a collection like this, when they tag me on Instagram and Twitter wearing the collections," said Biles describing her excitement of wearing the newly launched collection out and feeling at home in her style. "It just warms my heart to see them so happy and feeling good about themselves. I'm looking forward to that this time too."

When asked if there was any particular kind of feedback about her clothing line that she addressed, Biles said, "Actually the main feedback we got wasn't even from the kids. It was from the parents. They kept asking when we were going to drop a collection for adults. That was so nice, but right now I'm just focused on the girls. I'm so excited about this partnership with Athleta and to see what the future brings for future collaborations."


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It's clear Simone Biles is promoting a positive and inclusive message that is sure to get young people active. One of the main mantras of her collaboration with Athleta Girl is that "Courage is a superpower." Whoever wears anything from this collection will surely feel as if they're wearing a cape on their back.

Information originally sourced from E!Online.