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Many jewelry businesses are generational, and Oliver Smith Jewelers is no exception. In an interview with Professional Watches, manager of Panerai Aspen and the Oliver Smith Jewelers pre-owned boutique, Elizabeth Smith talks of how she got into the family business and more.

When asked how she first got into the jewelry industry, Smith said, "I joined the family business officially three years ago when we took over operation of the Panerai boutique in Aspen. Watches have always been synonymous with our family business though, so I’ve had exposure to the watch world for all of my life.

"In the early days of the business, both of my parents were always working, and I spent a lot of time in the store. I still remember in grade school learning about Panerai and thinking “that is the watch that signifies you’ve made it!”  It’s surreal to see where I am now, running our Panerai boutique in Aspen, and how those early experiences played into my future."


She was then asked how long she managed the Panerai Boutique, to which she said, "I have managed the Panerai Aspen boutique since we took over ownership in 2018. The boutique had previously opened in 2014, in a beautiful, historic two-story brick and glass building in the heart of downtown. We have had a long-standing relationship with Panerai – my father Oliver was one of the first jewelers to bring the brand to the US in 1998 – so when the opportunity came for Aspen, it was a natural fit!

"This past summer we opened our second Oliver Smith Jeweler boutique (located on the second floor above Panerai), specializing in certified pre-owned timepieces and our own line of luxury jewelry."


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When asked if there have been an increased number of online and phone sales due to the pandemic, Smith said, "In Aspen yes, we are selling more online and over the phone, although we see clients wanting to meet virtually prior to making a purchase. That personal touch sets us apart and allows us to answer questions or advise quickly instead of sending lengthy emails back and forth. Again I think making purchases over the phone and online is becoming a part of a well-rounded shopping approach including online, social, and in person.

"In addition to adjusting our sales procedures to the pandemic, we began a Zoom watch auction. This is offered exclusively to our clients and is our version of running a sale on both watches and jewelry. We have had great feedback and results, as it has proved to be a fun activity and a way to buy watches at a great price. Our next auction will be held on March 18th — anyone interested in joining should contact us via our website."

Information originally sourced from Professional Watches.