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Jewelry can often be thought of as either an extravagance or a show of affection. A diamond ring or an eccentric necklace or broach can display beauty on the outside. However, Manhattan-based jeweler Artisan Carat wants to flip the script and create jewelry that specializes in showing off the inner beauty of the wearer, giving confidence and assurance during such a trying time in the world.

Artisan Carat is an online market for fine jewelry developed and launched by entrepreneur and jeweler Daniel Fayzakov. The selection of wares is littered with metals of gold and sterling silver, to stones and gems like diamond, pearl and other precious materials that complement the shopper’s ideal outfit and manner of expression. Pieces featured include bracelets, trendy necklaces, stylish earrings, as well as rings that work with the extraordinary material available to the designers.

Although Artisan Carat is a place of business, it is not above philanthropic efforts as well. Three percent of each sale made will go to any charity of the customer’s choice. The six organizations are carefully chosen to match the meticulous nature of the jewelry itself.

“Our company was founded to help women sparkle in all parts of their lives. And during this uncertain and stressful time, that is more meaningful than ever. Not only do we offer stunning jewelry, we make sure the client can choose a non-profit that resonates with them that will share in the delight of their purchase,” Fayzakov said in a statement. “Every time one of our client’s wears that piece, they have the added satisfaction of knowing a charity directly benefited from it during a time when that extra support is especially needed.”

The Artisan Carat team chose these organizations through careful deliberation including the American Humane Association, Breast Cancer Research Fund (BRCA),, Operation Support Our Troops, Boys and Girls Club of America, and Centers for Disease Control (CDC).

“Artisan Carat was founded on the belief that jewelry has the power to help each of us to shine in different ways. And helping charities that improve people’s lives is one of the wonderful ways our customers add sparkle to the world,” Fayzakov added.

Information originally sourced from PRWeb.