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The annual tender from the famous Argyle mine is well known for yielding a generous haul of "hero stones" and beautiful gems. However, this mine's supply of pink diamonds seems to be running dry prior to its projected close in 2020. The jewelry industry is well aware of the current state of the Argyle mine and will be making the necessary preparations to acquire this latest tender of pink diamonds. It has been predicted that the Western Australia-based mine will dig up less than 100 carats during the time before its retired. Jewelers and diamantaires have had their eye on the latest recoveries from the Argyle mine, keeping their gazes firmly affixed to the Everlastings collection, 64 lots of stones that weigh 0.14 ct. or less.



Among the collection are various and oft-desired dark and light shades of pink diamonds. Thus, these stones are rarified even more due to their dwindling quantities. 

Alan Chirgwin, Rio Tinto Copper & Diamonds vice president of sales and marketing said that “The accumulation of these diamonds from a certifiable source in various shapes, sizes, and colors is the result of a painstaking endeavor, unlikely to be ever repeated.” 

“I think competition will be fierce because collectors are seeing that the finite supply of top Argyle pink diamonds is nearing its end. However, since the most extraordinary stones are reserved for the tender [jewelers] find ourselves competing with each other to win the rarest, most beautiful stones,” says jeweler Jordan Fine of JFine Diamonds in New York. JFine has regularly received Argyle Pink Diamonds as an authorized partner of the mine.

Fine continued, saying “Since the tender is a sealed bid, it’s quite a nerve-racking process. There is very little public information available on prices of comparable pink diamonds, so prospective buyers rely on their own sales data, bank account, intuition, and emotions in order to decide what [price] to offer."




The tender of the Argyle Pink Diamonds made stops in London, New York, Singapore, and Perth, Australia before bids closed today. Each event regarding the diamonds was invitation only. One can only speculate as to what will become of the Everlastings collection and Argyle mine itself.

Information originally sourced from JCK.