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Anwar Hadid, along with fellow jewelry lovers Ryan Benson and Yoni Laham have really made a name for themselves in the industry with their brand "Martyre," labeling itself as “redefining unisex jewelry.” The phrase “Every sinner dies a saint” is engraved in one of the more popular pieces of the collection, a necklace called Sinner, which comes with a pendant of religious iconography. 



Each piece ranges in price from $95 to $575 for something as small and simple as a ring to a small pendant attached to a chain with options of 14-karat gold and rose upon request.

According to Laham in an interview with Vogue, regarding the eventual designs of the jewelry, “Everyone around us was taking their creative ideas and bringing them to fruition. We knew that we wanted to do the same thing. We looked around at what we wore and what was being done and saw that there was a void in jewelry and accessories.”

Information originally sourced from Vogue