Fortrove News

Considered to be one of the biggest presences in the jewelry world, Ana Khouri will be putting her cherished work entitled “Jewels Now – Ana Khouri” on display at the Phillips auction house this fall. This will be the second in a series of Phillips exhibitions focusing on contemporary designers. 

 “It is a privilege to have the opportunity to present the beautiful, fluid and creative works from Ana Khouri’s oeuvre,” said Susan Abeles, Phillips’ Head of Jewels, Americas. “Since founding her company, she has changed the way people interact with and wear their jewelry. Her gem canvases are feminine, unique and engaging for those women who share her nonconventional ideology and embrace her artistic vision.”

Khouri's unique style and business sense has allowed her to work with companies like Bulgari and Chanel during the biannual haute joaillerie presentations that took place in Paris.

“Jewelry is my medium and to make it, by nature, is to be mindful of its techniques and the value of such fine materials. But this is secondary," said Khouri. "The feeling I want to impart is one of radiance, in every sense: That of light, of emotion, of energy and, of course, that of beauty. I am honored to be showing my work at Phillips with this exhibition."

Jewels Now – Ana Khouri will be up and running at the Phillips NYC location at 450 Park Avenue from Sept. 14 to 16.