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Online retail giant Amazon is suspected to be launching a new jewelry collection called “For Keeps By Amazon,” according to a September 19 filing with United States Patent and Trademark Office. The admitted application for the “For Keeps” brand is meant to use the aforementioned trademark for “online retail sales of jewelry, namely precious metals and their alloys and goods in precious metals or coated therewith.”

The filing almost went unnoticed until Twitter user Trademark Ninja, found out and made a comment illustrating how unimpressed their tech reporter was with the brandname. He tweeted, "Nothing says romance like 'For Keeps by Amazon'."

“While I think consumers trust the Amazon Collection brand, and it represents a wide variety of high-quality and popular styles, it’s not a very approachable brand from an emotional standpoint,” said Kristin Cherry Jackson, a former Amazon senior category merchant manager for jewelry regarding the company's past pursuits in the jewelry industry.