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London-based jewelry brand Kirstie Le Marque has a collection that is chock-full of vintage-inspired pieces for nostalgic shoppers. The pieces offered are so off-the-charts hip that Dua Lipa and Jodie Comer have been seen repping KLM.

When asked about her first memories of jewelry, Co-Owner Kirstie Beecroft said that "My first memories are as a small child I would thread huge wooden beads in a rainbow of colors onto lengths of wool and make my own necklaces and bracelets. I would wear the whole lot giving a new meaning to stacking and layering."



She was then asked by Forbes about how she first got into the jewelry industry. "A meeting of our magpie tendencies and creative minds in late 2017, via a mutual friend, meant we found ourselves talking for hours about vintage jewelry and dogs," she said. "It was so much fun and so inspiring, we just decided to go for it, our vision was the same and we wanted to bring the idea of treasured pieces into the marketplace at a price point that we felt was relevant to our lives."

"Modern-day heirlooms with a cool mixed-metal edge and pavé diamond sparkles," said Beecroft about the company's design aesthetic. "Every piece is designed to be worn every day and yet treasured forever."

When asked by Forbes about what the concept of luxury means to her, Beecroft responded, saying "as we write this in the time of the COVID-19 lockdown we would both agree that luxury to us is an early morning dog walk, or someone else cooking dinner! To be honest, our health is our wealth right now, but we have been humbled by how people still need the little luxuries of our jewelry to help lift their spirits in these strange times."

She then continued to describe the cornerstones of Kirstie Le Marque. "Timeless, accessible diamond jewelry! With every single piece that we design we are continually going back to basics and asking ourselves how would we wear this piece? Does it make us feel special? Is it at an inclusive price point? Is it a piece that can be worn time and time again, whatever is in fashion and whatever the season? We pride ourselves on great customer care and once people find us, they come back for more. The idea that women are creating their own Kirstie Le Marque collections is what we set out to achieve."

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Information originally sourced from Forbes.