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Sister to both Bella and Gigi Hadid, Alana has become the face of the Los Angeles-based fine jewelry brand, Colette as of Thursday, October 17th. The fine jewelry brand shared their newest project with Hadid with their followers on Instagram, showing off the photos that will be used for the campaign. These photos are provocative and here to make a statement at the very least, as Hadid is modeling each of Colette's pieces while being completely nude.




“Alana is unapologetically herself, and I’ve always been drawn to her because of that. We’re both free spirits,” said Colette Steckel designer and founder of the luxury brand. “I remember sitting in Paris with my team two seasons ago saying how cool it would be to shoot a campaign with her. I knew she loved jewelry, and it seemed like such a natural fit. This is a true collaboration; I am so proud to have Alana bring my work to life through this campaign.”

Colette has worked for the past two years in maintaining the legacy of the "Colette Woman," and Hadid carries on this recently established tradition. Alana has become the second face of the luxury brand, with model Georgia Fowler being the first. The 34-year-old's half-sisters Gigi and Bella Hadid are two celebrity clients of Colette, as well as Rihanna, Emma Stone, and Naomi Watts. 



“I fell in love with Colette’s jewelry right away,” said Hadid in a press release. “From the colors of the stones to her inspiration, her pieces felt like something I would have created myself.” The star also noted that she felt connected to the jewelry designer on a personal level. “When I met Colette, the reason why I loved her pieces was clear. We’re so similar – we love travel, family, music and fashion. It just fit. I’m so excited to be the face of this campaign.”

The pieces that Hadid are showing off in her photos include the Aztec-inspired Penacho Queen Necklace for $42,000 as well as the 18-karat gold diamond Istanbul Ear Cuff for $24,660, which was influenced by the free nature of doves.

Information originally sourced from US Magazine.