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The American Gem Trade Association will be continuing its plans for the Spectrum Awards competition. The event will still be taking place during the fall months of this year and will include additions. Two more categories will be added for the competition, which will be taking place in New York during October 2020. According to the AGTA, its members have discussed that in order for production and design aspects to go more smoothly, the association would move the date of the event from August to its original October date.

The additional two categories include will include North American Gems, a showcase of mined gems that have been excavated from U.S. and Canadian sites. The "Cutting Edge" is a portion of the contest that is devoted to the appreciation of lapidary arts. Each of the stones will be looked over and graded based on quality, technique, rarity, as well as the overall beauty of the gem itself.

The other category is the latest "Best of" award for the Best of Single Entries, based on the number of competitors that have submitted only one entry into the event. During both Cutting Edge and Spectrum, Best of Single Entries will be awarded to those who apply.

In a more lenient approach, the AGTA will loosen the requirement of entries having to be created within the past 12 months. The deadline for mailing in submissions is on Friday, September 25th. The New York drop-off date is on Tuesday, October 6th. Later this month, there will be a call for entries sent out. The event is to be held on October 26th.

“We’re thrilled to report that the AGTA Spectrum Awards is taking place as planned. In ongoing conversations with designers, lapidary artists, and gemstone dealers that traditionally enter Spectrum, we know that the creative process is currently in full swing,” said AGTA CEO Douglas K. Hucker.

“With so many industry events canceled through the fall, our competition and media event will be among the first opportunities within our industry for showcasing what we are confident will be an incredible outpouring of creativity, passion and inventiveness.”

Information originally sourced from National Jeweler.