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Celebrities like Gigi Hadid, Georgia Fowler, and more have flocked to jewelry designer Colette for their latest bejeweled adornments. In an interview with The Daily, Colette Steckel talks of her 25 years in business and more!

When congratulated and asked about how things have changed and stayed the same during her 25 years of business, Steckel said, "Thank you! I can’t believe it’s been 25 years. Social media didn’t exist when I founded the business, and that has probably been the biggest game changer. Instagram, in particular, has given brands like mine an incredible platform to share our work, connect with collectors and industry-friends, and discover talent from all over the world. That otherworldly feeling of seeing a woman in my jewelry never changes—from day one to 25 years later, it is the highest form of flattery when I see someone wearing Colette and I know I will always feel that way."


"My French-Mexican heritage plays a big role in who I am and my aesthetic," said Steckel of how her heritage influences her design choices. "My jewelry is daring and reflects the drama and vibrancy of Mexico City, but has a feminine undertone that is informed by the elegance and delicate details of Paris. Some collections are directly influenced by one culture, like Penacho, which honors my Mexican roots by paying homage to Aztecan warriors, or my floral collections that call to mind the ivy-lined facades of Parisian buildings and my favorite roses at Hôtel Costes. Other collections blend the two, or reference other places I’ve visited in my travels."


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When asked of her daughter's recent addition as the new face of her brand and creative muse, Steckel said, "In what way hasn’t she been my muse! Victoria has been a force ever since she was a little girl. She always loved trying on the jewelry and would tell me, ‘One day, I’ll wear these.’ Now, she’s grown into this incredibly smart, compassionate, stylish young woman who puts her whole heart into everything she sets her mind to. I am in awe of her open-mindedness and her ability to constantly challenge me. She is an extension of me in so many ways, but I’ve learned so much from her at the same time."

Information originally sourced from The Daily.