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Model and Actress Adwoa Aboah previously appeared in John Hardy jewelry campaigns. But it must have been her dream come true to collaborate and design with the brand. She has always believed in "more being more" and with this new collection, buyers can take advantage of beautiful pieces that meet that aesthetic. 

Perhaps the most special of the pieces from the collab is a one-of-a-kind $125,000.00 body chain necklace. The model wore it to the celebration of the pairing in West Chelsea.


Here, Aboah wears the necklace backwards. From the front, the necklace is a myriad of gold chains.


18-karat yellow gold, with pink tourmaline, pyrite, hematite, multicolored spinels and other large stones that draped as pendants down the back took our breath away!

Other pieces in the collection seek to take on trends like mismatched earrings and stacked bracelets.


Here, a bracelet featuring the signature Hardy styling with whimsical gold chains.


Another great piece is  an ear cuff embellished with gold and silver chains and gemstones or a single-chain earring with two posts for ears with two or more piercings.

Aboah tells The Hollywood Reporter: “It’s fun to be part of the design process and put yourself into a collection, but at the same time you want everyone to live it and want to wear it, which is the challenge for every designer,” she says. “Beyond being in the campaign, I know how each piece came to be and what it means to me — now it’s time to put it out there.”

(Images c/o Getty and John