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Kali Hawk is an actress known for her roles in box office hits like Bridesmaids, as well as Couples Retreat and Fifty Shades of Black. She has also worked in television with shows like New Girl, and Black Jesus. However, she has ventured into luxury entrepreneurship with her own brand called H.Crowne. Her pieces can be seen adorning celebrities like Kylie Jenner and Migos. The initial and biggest endorsement has been from Madonna sporting a piece.

When asked in an interview by Flaunt's Shirley Ju about why the actress wanted her own line, she said that "When you're a jewelry collector, you're giving yourself a masterclass in craftsmanship and that's what it became for me. When you start buying things from some of the best designers in the world, you're looking at the best and the most top quality products there are. At a certain point, you start to request things to become custom-made. Once you’re having things custom-made, that's the gateway to designing. Now you're wearing things out that you've commissioned for yourself and you see the response people have to it."

She continued, explaining the development of her brand's humble accessibility, saying "I kept taking it bigger and bigger to the point where I'd be at the Metropolitan Museum in New York and see collections of crowns and things that belonged to kings. So grandiose and so inaccessible. You can't touch it, you can’t even get close to it. I thought “I want that,” so I started to commission collections of things like that for me and I’d wear them out to the club. One of my really good friends is Balthazar Getty, he started to deejay right around the time I was having jewelry made. I’d show up to his gigs around Hollywood wearing a giant crown and crystallized chandelier chest piece. I saw the reactions I’d get whether it was big dudes or their tiny girlfriends, they wanted to try on everything I had. They loved it. I thought “this is something that can be shared.” Having a jewelry business is really just a joy that can be shared. I love jewelry and I get to share that with people."

Information originally sourced from Flaunt Mag