In an interview with Esquire, Jude Law discusses being the new face of Brioni fashion.


When asked what drew him to working with the Brioni brand, Law said, "Well, the working relationship came together through all the usual, unromantic channels. When I was approached, I was very curious because this is a brand that is somewhat of an institution. It's got an incredible history and legacy. I knew of their heritage and when I met with them and saw what they wanted to do and where they're taking the clothes, at the moment, it just felt like a very comfortable fit, I suppose, with where I am in my life and who I am. It felt like a good relationship.


"I guess it's worth adding, also, that I have a very close relationship with Italy as a country and as a culture. I spent a lot of time there and I feel very at home there. So I think the fact that Brioni was an Italian brand was one of the many elements that drew me there originally. And the current people that are working at the creative team are all very good people, very collaborative. That's always important. In anything I get involved in creatively you want to be able to... Especially in something like this, you want to be able to feel like you feel yourself rather than just a dummy that gets the clothes to put on."


When asked how he came to develop his great sense of style over time, Law said, "Oh, thank you. I take that as a compliment. I don't know that I've ever given it anything other than regular kind of attention. I suppose if I were to look back over the years when I was a teenager, I was someone who was always very into my favorite band and my favorite characters in movies or even the characters in books. If there was any image, I was always drawn to what they were doing with their clothes and how they were expressing that. So I went through all sorts of different outfits, I suppose, as a kid. And I guess it was a connection in a way, somewhere along the lines with myself as an actor, and I sort of... It's not that I saw my clothes as a costume, but I certainly saw them as an opportunity to express maybe how I was feeling. And again, you could say that was maybe the start of my personal style, but in truth, I'm someone who, I look at the weather and I look at how I'm feeling, collect it all, and I kind of put together what feels right through the occasion.


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"Sometimes I quite like contrasting what's maybe expected of an occasion. Sometimes I like toeing the line. I always like to feel comfortable the older I get, with the type of stuff I'm wearing, that's for sure. I'm just comfy. If I can get away with wearing something soft, then I do. But I think the thread really is this idea of clothes as costume, clothes as an expression of who you are and how you're feeling. Sometimes you want to disappear. Sometimes you want to feel great, and the clothes help you with that. I've always been curious about that connection."

Information originally sourced from Esquire.


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