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Lebanon's leading brand in fine jewelry for over 200 years has been A&W Mouzannar. The business has recently taken its first big international step. In an interview with Forbes, designers Dori and Alia Mouzannar talk about their pop-up and latest dealings in the United States.


When asked to give a background on the brand's history and what the future holds, the designers said, "unlike other jewelers in Lebanon and throughout the Middle East, we are from a long family history of jewelry artisans that were first established during the 18th century. We're a heritage jeweler that weaves our cultural antiquities with modern design and have been continuing to do so for hundreds of years. Today, we are proudly the sixth generation of our family line of fine jewelers, and the seventh generation is already in training! Each piece of jewelry created by A&W Mouzannar is a unique, hand-crafted design that comes in very limited quantities making our collections covetable and valuable. We are known for exclusive intricately designed fine jewelry where most pieces are hardly identical and always timeless. We offer a wide array of collections and designs that are all manufactured in Lebanon utilizing all types of stones from diamonds to rubies to emeralds. Throughout the years we have seen every type of customer because of our variety. We like to consider our customer as every woman. She is young or she is mature, she can wear many different hats. She’s a mother, she's a sister, she's a friend, she's trendy and cool, or she can be elegant and refined too. She is versatile and also wants her jewelry to be. We want our customers to be able to wear our jewelry to work, out to lunch, straight to dinner, and into a night out. Our customers not only appreciate our fine designs but also our versatility and variety. Aziz & Walid Mouzannar is continuing six generations of fine jewelry expertise throughout the Middle East and Europe with a vision is to expand and offer exclusive, original designs to the US market and grow our Western presence. E-commerce will be available on our website within the next few days." 


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The designers were then asked why they decided to open their pop-up now, to which they said, "we've always had goals of expansion knowing that any successful business has a global presence. The Beirut blast destroyed our stores, workshop, and our homes, we have endured a great deal of destruction and trauma and are still recovering. For safety, I [Dori] brought my wife and children to Boston. Our relocation actually provided the perfect opportunity to bring our brand to the US, so we seized it. We've wanted to see how the US would react to our collections for a long time and with the excitement we're seeing so far, we are hopeful for building out a further expansion plan."

Information originally sourced from Forbes.