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In an interview with the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette, famous actress (A Quiet Place parts I and II) and jewelry designer Millicent Simmonds discusses her move to Pittsburgh, her Mother's Day ASL Mama Charm, ASL, and more.

When asked how learning ASL from her mom at a young age helped her development, Simmonds said, "Sign language has impacted my life in every way. First and foremost a deaf child needs a primary language. They need to be able to communicate — and American Sign Language gives them the ability to communicate. ASL is the only guarantee a parent has to communicate with their deaf child.

Had my mother solely relied on cochlear implants and not learned sign language, I can't imagine how frustrating that would have been for both of us. There is no risk to learning sign language. However, you are risking family relationships if you don't. Who wants to risk that?"

When asked about her role in A Quiet Place Part II and details on the upcoming third film in the series, Simmonds said, "It was pretty insane for me personally and I felt a lot of responsibility. It was such an huge honor to be able to portray the first deaf character in a film that didn't focus on the character's deafness, and instead focused on her grit and determination to help others. It's a character I’m honored to play. So much credit goes to [“A Quiet Place Part II” writer-director] John Krasinski for writing that character. We need more Johns in the world. And as far as the threequel, you know as much as I do! I don’t know a lot about it yet but fingers crossed Regan continues her journey! I would love to work with everyone again."


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When asked if she's been exploring Pittsburgh now that restrictions have loosened in the city, Simmonds said, "We have! Federal Galley is one of my favorite places to eat. I love it there. The Boathouse and walking around North Park is also a favorite. My family just bought kayaks last year so we've been kayaking a lot, too. [ZIGsZEN Salon & Grooming Lounge] is my favorite in Wexford and I love Slippery Mermaid in Sewickley!"

Information originally sourced from Pittsburgh Post-Gazette.