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Australian jewelry brand WILLIAM ÉDOUARD is known for making waves in the industry with the Letter Ring Collection among other pieces fit for unisex consumption. Creative Director William Drury expanded on the aesthetics and philosophy behind each design, as well as the types of metals and gems he often uses. 


"In 2016, I enrolled in the Revere Academy of Jewelry Arts in San Francisco, California and completed both the Jewelry Technician and Graduate Jeweler diplomas they offered," said Drury to Forbes regarding his entry into the jewelry industry. "Upon returning to Melbourne, I formally got my start in the industry when I started working as a casual jeweler for a Melbourne-based jewelry label until a shoulder reconstruction led me to take some time off. I used that time to plan out how to launch my own jewelry label and when I was back in action, I took a leap of faith that would become WILLIAM ÉDOUARD."


"'Finest craftsmanship, without compromise' is the cornerstone of our company," said Drury concerning his brand's philosophy. "Each WILLIAM ÉDOUARD piece is designed and handcrafted in our Melbourne studio with complete devotion to this philosophy. We're committed to being ethical and sustainable in everything we do, so we make sure every gemstone used in our creations is ethically sourced and conflict-free from suppliers that are members of the Responsible Jewellery Council (RJC). We're also proud of the fact that the silver used in our creations comes from 100% recycled sources and that our packaging is made from 100% recyclable and reusable materials.


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When asked about the materials used in each of his pieces, Drury responded by saying that, "18ct yellow gold has always been my favorite material to work with – its malleability and willingness to move under force never ceases to impress me. Its natural luster and ability to withstand tarnishing also makes it an ideal metal to work with. As for gemstones, it’s hard to go past the physical properties of a diamond, be it natural or lab-created. That said, I’m often drawn to any stone that retains some of its natural characteristics, be it natural edges, unique inclusions or the visible crystalline structures within the gemstone."

Information originally sourced from Forbes.