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Recent mineral resource estimates given by Fura Gems have been announced concerning their mine in Columbia, Coscuez. A prepared estimate by three independent consultant groups Watts, Griffis and McOuat Limited, has revealed that Coscuez is sitting on 3 million tons of inferred mineral resources with a 2 carats per ton grade average.

An average price of $200 per carat for an estimated 6 million carats is expected to be yielded by the Colombian emerald mine. The lifespan of the Coscuez mine is supposed to range to around 30 years. Potentially, production from the mine may produce 35 to 140 million carats more than initially anticipated, but the consultants are yet to verify those numbers. 

More than 20 kilometers (about 12.43 miles) of underground tunnels that have already been excavated have been charted. On top of that, bulk samples of mined 16,000 carats of emeralds were recovered after an additional 1,600 meters (about 5,249.34 feet) of core drilling.

Information originally sourced from National Jeweler