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Wisdom Kaye has become one of the most influential men in fashion through social media platforms like TikTok. In an interview with Who What Wear, he discusses his love of fashion and the lengths he goes to break the mold on certain fashion taboos.


When asked about his relationship to fashion and how it became a presence in his life, Kaye said, "Fashion started becoming a part of my life and social media almost exactly a year ago. It was January of 2020 when I was at college and discovered more about my style. It was my first time being independent and in a new place and there were different kinds of stores around me. It was particularly vintage stores where I felt the most comfortable—stores that focus on vintage ’70s pieces, flare pants, cowboy boots—all of that really inspired me." 


When asked about his thoughts on men wearing heels and which of his pairs were his favorite, Kaye said, "They were literally made for us. Historically, men wore heels first to facilitate horseback riding and since have symbolized many different things. Today, since the majority of the population is not riding horses, a heel is literally just additional height—that's all. Whether it's one inch or five inches, it makes one look taller. I think the argument that wearing heels says something about your sexuality is ridiculous. It's literally footwear. Footwear does not change the type of person you like.


"With that being said, I'll wear a heeled boot of any height (so long as I like the boot as a whole, of course) and honestly, I wear them with any type of pants—especially my AE jeans that seem to pair with just about anything. I have these Rick Owens Kiss boots with a five-inch heel that I wear with different fitting pants—slim or wide—they go with a lot."


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When asked about his perspective of men in the jewelry industry, Kaye said, "Accessorizing is really important in my opinion because it can really enhance a look! If you're the type of person who doesn't like dressing up too much, accessorizing can help your outfit look better than it really is. I think pearl necklaces look great on guys, I'm also a fan of wearing like two to three necklaces that work well with each other."

Information originally sourced from Who What Wear.