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Taking the lead at Christie’s Magnificent Jewels auction on Nov. 13 in Geneva, the 18.96-carat “Pink Legacy” diamond is expected to sell for $30-$50 million. According to a recent press release by Christie's, the enchanting pink rock is said to have "descended" from the Oppenheimer family, although the company has declined to clarify any inquiries aimed towards the legitimacy of that remark.

While there are many who continue to speculate, there is no doubt that this rectangular-cut gem is the finest and largest fancy vivid pink diamond that Christie's has ever put onto the auctioning block.

Pink diamonds of this variety are widely known to be incredibly rare, notably regarding this rock's size and color. In fact, the auction house has only offered 4 vivid pinks of 10+ carats. The diamonds would sell for astronomical prices, further cementing the growing popularity of these rarities in the industry.