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Gem Legacy is a non-profit organization founded by Roger Dery. Together with his family, they help tend to the needs of the gem-mining communities around the globe. Recently, Gem Legacy responded to distress in Malawi, raising funds to send 17 Malawian orphans from the Luzi Children’s Orphanage in Lilongwe, Malawi back to school after having been forced to drop out due to financial woes.

“The orphanage had at one time received some minor assistance from a U.S.-based organization, but that ceased many years ago,” says Rachel Dery, Roger’s gemologist daughter and co-founder of Gem Legacy.

“We met the kids and administrators of this orphanage when we traveled to Malawi in May. And with the launch of Gem Legacy, we asked our contacts in East Africa what their needs were. The orphanage immediately responded with this need. All year—and particularly during the time that was passing once the kids had been sent back to school—they had been trying to fund themselves through buying and selling gem rough in Malawi.”

After missing over a month of school, the students are finally able to attend classes thanks to Gem Legacy's campaign which raised $2,040.48 to cover the total $1,275 needed. An additional $765 was also required for supplies.