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According to Russian miner, Alrosa, a 118.91 carats rough diamond was unearthed at their "International" mine. The discovery of this stone beats the previous find two years ago when a 109.61-carat diamond was located.

Evgeny Agureev is both the director of the United Selling Organization and part of the management board at Alrosa. The former title particularly deals with the sales of diamonds, as well as giving them value. Regarding the diamond, he said that “This crystal is unique as it has a large clean area despite the inclusions in the center—this makes it a gem-quality diamond.”

He also explained that “regular shapes and purity” are the denoting factors of diamonds that emerge from the International kimberlite pipe. Alrosa had launched a new mine, "Zarya" shortly before the discovery of this latest rock. The newly opened mine may become the diamond's namesake. The recently added "Zarya" pipe is expected to work for 11 years, bringing in 1.25 million tons of ore maximum.

Information originally sourced from National Jeweler.